Custom performance automotive fabrication

1961 Mercury Meteor 600 2dr sdn 'SHOK N AW'

  I owned this very rare Mercury for 22 years and not a single other person ever drove it in that whole time. I of 18 left alive in the USA at the time I sold it in 2007. Only 18,000 of this 2dr sdn body style manufactured by Mercury USA.

  OEM engine/trans was a 6 cylinder/3spd on the column. I transplanted a 460/C6 combo in it, upgraded to disc brakes in the front, installed big anti sway bars front and rear, and classic ET slotted mags on all four corners. 

  I built it to drive and drive it I did !  Raced in the Old Freezeout Hillclimb a couple of years and had a blast flinging that big red boat up the hill !   Not really fast but REALLY FUN !